Scarsin and ZS Partnership

Scarsin has partnered with ZS to offer ZS clients enterprise-class forecasting and insights software

Scarsin and ZS have partnered to help life sciences organizations evaluate critical business processes and build advanced forecasting solutions. Scarsin’s best-in-class Forecasting & Insights Platform “i2e” (Integrated Insight Environment) provides a world-class solution that facilitates the integration of forecasting best practices and insights across global enterprises, providing the perfect forecasting platform for ZS’s 30-plus years of strategic experience addressing forecasting challenges in the life sciences industry. 

The i2e forecasting and insights platform connects global teams in a collaborative environment

i2e by Scarsin offers powerful capabilities that make collaboration across global enterprises easy:

  • Data integration and management: The platform gives you the ability to easily consolidate structured and unstructured data from disparate enterprise sources automatically.
  • Insight reporting and dashboards: You can access PowerPoint reporting automation, ad hoc reporting and dashboards to generate insights you can use to evaluate business opportunities.
  • Strategic and operational forecasting: The platform allows you to deploy existing or new Excel-based forecast models, and to leverage a familiar design environment in Excel while adding best practices for global deployments and standardization.
  • Governance, collaboration and control: i2e’s centralized platform enables team members to share and update forecast models across departments, regions and countries in a controlled and secure manner.

Overhaul your forecasting and decision analysis processes with i2e and ZS

ZS helps organizations like yours evolve their forecasting capabilities to enable consistently good decisions with consistently positive results. ZS can help:

  • Optimize how you use information, collaborate and build technical and interpersonal skills within an organization.
  • Develop, configure and operate forecasting tools, like the i2e forecasting and insights platform, to provide incremental capacity or capability to internal forecasting organizations.
  • Develop robust forecast models—with local dynamics incorporated—in Excel for specific brands.

Why Scarsin and ZS

The Scarsin and ZS partnership enables internal teams to more effectively gain insights into strategic and operational forecast projections, allowing the teams to react more quickly to market changes. The results include a more productive and energized team, and the ability to navigate and course correct with confidence.