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Forecasting is a critical business process. Not only does it support establishing financially-based targets but it enables decision making through diagnostic insights including: opportunities, threats and/or growth driver analysis. Many companies try to drive this critical analysis through Excel®, due to its flexibility and familiarity, but experience common process challenges.



Forecasting Forecasting

With an integrated and centralized enterprise platform, global teams can be confident that they are working on the same version of the truth in a controlled and secure manner.

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What's holding you back?

Common forecasting challenges.

Poor Change Management Arrow   Poor Change Management

Managing Excel®-based forecasting is hard enough. Managing change in this environment is close to impossible.

i2e Solution: Strong Change Control

Inability to Scale Forecasts Chart   Inability to Scale Forecasts

You want to test all your assumptions. Limits on the number of scenarios you can build and compare tie your hands.

i2e Solution: Scalable Forecasting

No Real-time Collaboration Person   No Real-time Collaboration

Forecasting across large distributed teams in an Excel® environment is error prone, slow and difficult to administer.

i2e Solution: Real-time Collaboration

Challenge to Consolidate Computer   Challenge to Consolidate

Consolidating forecasts across an enterprise can be challenging. Delivery of critical insights is delayed.

i2e Solution: Timely Forecast Consolidation

Complex Tools Sliders   Complex Tools

Reliance on IT specialists can slow down otherwise nimble business units as they adjust to ever-changing business conditions.

i2e Solution: Business Friendly Tools

Problematic Reporting Computer   Problematic Reporting

Report preparation is often labour-intensive and slow to deliver. Immediate access to critical business insights is a challenge.

i2e Solution: Automated Reporting

Manual Data Updates Watch   Manual Data Updates

High value analysts are spending too much time updating forecast models with historical data. Cut-and-paste errors are costly.

i2e Solution: Automatic Data Refreshes

Lack of Security Lock   Lack of Security

Excel® workbooks flying around the organization pose a significant security risk.

i2e Solution: Secure SaaS Solution

Your process needs to be faster, more agile and less expensive.

i2e Integrated Insight Environment

i2e Managing change in real-time across the globe

Strong Change Control

Change management at the speed of business

All change management is controlled and pervasive. Update forecast models for team members around the globe simultaneously.

Effective Change Management RefreshEffective Change Management

Learn more about Strong Change Control. Visit Our Video Showroom.

Scalable Forecasting

Create multiple forecasts and compare them

i2e enables users to create any number of forecasts involving an unlimited number of scenarios and assumptions for analysis.

Enterprise-scale Forecasting

Learn more about Scalable Forecasting. Visit Our Video Showroom.

Macbook with i2e Software

Collaboration across the world

Real-time Collaboration

Many stakeholders working simultaneously across the globe

i2e supports real-time collaboration and creates transparency across the team on the assumptions used in forecasts.

Team Collaboration

Learn more about Real-time Collaboration. Visit Our Video Showroom.

Timely Forecast Consolidation

Forecasts are rolled up quickly across regions and product lines

i2e enables rapid consolidation of individual forecasts. Details are preserved for drill-down to key business drivers when needed.

Efficient Consolidation ArrowsEfficient Consolidation

Learn more about Timely Forecast Consolidation. 
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Business Friendly Tools

Leverage your team's existing skills in Microsoft® Office

i2e incorporates Microsoft® PowerPoint and Excel® enabling your team to leverage existing business skills. Avoid the need for specialized tools or dependence on IT resources. i2e's business-friendly solution enables agile teams.

Ease of Use

Learn more about Business Friendly Tools. Visit Our Video Showroom.

Business Friendly Tools Layers

Automated Reporting

Communicate variance based results with ease

i2e integrates Microsoft® Office for graph and table design. Teams create rich reports generated in minutes at a global scale saving time and effort. Rich visualizations help teams internalize business insights faster and ensure direct senior management engagement.

Simplified Reporting ComputerSimplified Reporting

Learn more about Automated Reporting. Visit Our Video Showroom.

Automatic Data Refreshes

Automate data updates for improved accuracy and efficiency

i2e automates access to critical business data from multiple sources. Common cut and paste errors from manual processes are eliminated. High value analysts can concentrate on delivering business insights.

Automatic Updates

Learn more about Automatic Data Refreshes. Visit Our Video Showroom.






Automatic Data Refreshes Diagram
Secure SaaS Solution

Ensure protection of business critical data

Access your forecast environment across the enterprise with confidence. i2e ensures compliance with the highest industry standards in regards to data security, reliability and privacy.

Increased Security LockIncreased Security

Learn more about our Secure SaaS Solution. 
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