Forecast Process Improvement:

Managed Risk

Decision Maker Insights Aligned Collaboration Improved Productivity Increased Accuracy Improved Diagnostics Improved Process Control

Managed Risk

Drive Results

All businesses face risk. The goal of the forecasting team is to provide insights to business stakeholders on the impact of potential risks in order for them to better navigate their business.

Insights into the forecast assumptions that drive risk—the impact to business results and potential estimates on the probability of those risks—are critical for decision makers to understand in order to incorporate them into their strategies and investments.

The discipline of risk management is one of the areas that seems to suffer most when issues of inefficiency impact the process. This is one of the last areas to invest in so when timing and resources are pressed, this often gets postponed or deprioritized. 

Enterprise Forecast Process Improvement allows:

  • Forecast teams to easily share their risk results with decision makers via reporting tools/dashboards
  • Better understanding and interpretation of forecast results
  • Teams to increase scenario analysis through discrete scenarios, decision trees or Monte Carlo simulations
  • Faster consolidation of the results from Excel-based models into reporting tools through automation

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