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The Scarsin i2e Forecasting and Insights platform is built to help organizations with their complex Forecasting processes, regardless of industry. i2e is all about solving Forecasting process inefficiencies, so you can better capitalize on the industry expertise you've worked so hard to develop.

As we're sure you've already discovered from browsing our website, i2e is an Excel-based platform, so you can continue to use your Excel-based models. But we don't want to bore you again with all the fantastic advantages that i2e users experience, so we'll just leave you with the i2e bottom line: Forecasters who use i2e spend more time on what truly matters, generating insights!

i2e is built for YOUR organization... streamline and optimize your Forecasting processes. With i2e, you will no longer need to:

  • manually cut and paste data from one spreadsheet to another

  • suffer from an inability to collaborate across teams

  • limit yourself to the number of scenarios you can explore

  • allocate days to consolidate multiple forecasts

  • spend hours updating PowerPoint slides with last-minute changes

  • wonder who is changing your models and why

  • need to depend on analysts to update reports/dashboards used by executive decision makers

What Does That Mean to Me?

Just a few of the industries where i2e by Scarsin can Excel-erate Forecasting...

Life Sciences  Life Sciences

Aerospace   Aerospace

Healthcare   Healthcare

CPG  Consumer Packaged Goods

Telco  Telecommunications

Finance  Financial Services

Tech  Technology

Auto  Automotive

Energy  Energy

Looking for i2e Customers

So now you're probably wondering who all those lucky i2e clients are...

Well, we'd love to tell you! We'd really like to list all the organizations that use i2e, if for no other reason than the fact that it would give us a great opportunity to brag about our Fortune 1000 customers who are gaining valuable insights thanks to i2e's end-to-end Forecasting processes.

<sigh> But we won't.

Our customers rely on i2e for their mission-critical Forecasting process deployments and they can be a little sensitive about letting their competitors know about the technology behind their competitive edge. The question you should be asking yourself is... "Are my competitors using i2e right now?"

Ready to find out how YOU can gain better insights with i2e?

Not to mention that competitive edge! We can definitely help you with that. Just send us a quick email ( or give us a call today (1.905.852.0086) and we'll be happy to tell you how our customers are spending more time generating insights and less time performing mundane manual tasks through improved Forecasting processes. We'll even be happy to run you through an end-to-end demo of i2e so you can see first hand why our customers love i2e.

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Understanding the impact of disruptive market forces and trends is key to assessing opportunities and countering threats. Global pharma organizations require insight into business critical data, whether it's the effect of a competitive product on market share or the impact of a new media campaign on share of voice in a region.

Pharma Case Study

Global pharmaceutical company relies on i2e as its forecasting platform of choice.



In order to ensure financial sustainability and better alignment of strategic objectives with financial resources and policy decisions, a centralized approach to long term financial planning and forecasting is required.

Municipal Case Study

i2e enables large Canadian municipality to better align strategic objectives, financial resources and policy decisions.



Telecommunication providers are challenged with proactively restructuring and implementing cost cutting measures in order to streamline processes, reduce redundancies and control costs. Senior executives are looking beyond real-time reactive decisions to introducing new processes that will result in a more agile and sustainable organization.

Telecom Case Study

Telecommunication providers have moved from a product-centric to a customer-centric approach and the need for better customer service and enhanced insights into customer behavior is critical.

Insurance Icon


New drugs and treatment regimens are being introduced at an accelerated pace. Benefit providers need to consider alternative scenarios to manage the complexity of balancing rates for companies and individuals while maintaining profitability

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Whether working in supply chain, manufacturing or finance roles, strategic decision makers in industries as diverse as automotive to energy require variance-driven insights about their business.

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