Forecast Process Improvement:

Improved Productivity

Decision Maker Insights Aligned Collaboration Increased Accuracy Managed Risk Improved Diagnostics Improved Process Control

Improved Productivity

Improve Efficiency

Productivity is a fundamental metric used in measuring forecasting performance. Little progress has been realized in Excel-based forecasting in decades because historically Forecast Process Improvement has not been a topic of actionable discussion.

Forecasters are often overwhelmed by manual and repetitive tasks around version control, offline Excel workbook management, data refreshes, scenario comparisons and PowerPoint slide creation.

In an economy where Analytics teams seem to be shrinking and expectations continue to grow, inefficiencies in Forecasting can have major impacts on the use of scarce Analytics resources.

Enterprise Forecast Process Improvement allows:

  • A higher percentage of time dedicated to critical insight generation in the forecasting cycle
  • Greater automation of manual tasks resulting in fewer errors and faster turnaround
  • Faster delivery of critical insights to decision makers
  • Higher Forecaster job satisfaction through elimination of low value/manual tasks

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