Forecast Process Improvement:

Improved Process Control

Decision Maker Insights Improved Productivity Increased Accuracy Managed Risk Improved Diagnostics Aligned Collaboration

Improved Process Control

Improve Efficiency

Forecasting can be an isolated departmental function rather than an enterprise effort. The result can lead to a lack of alignment and significant process challenges, which can ultimately impact business results.

Best Practice Forecasting is an integrated enterprise process where forecasting teams, business functions and regional groups effectively collaborate to consolidate forecasting information for decision makers.

When creating forecasts in local Excel applications, establishing alignment on both forecast model results and the assumptions that drive them, can be very time consuming, error-prone, and unreliable.

Enterprise Forecast Process Improvement allows:

  • Higher quality and more complete forecast data to be included in management reports
  • Flexibility to be maintained by elevating Excel to an enterprise technology
  • Agile change management allowing teams the ability to quickly react to market dynamics
  • Seamless alignment among Forecasters, methods and models
  • Maximum efficiency through process automation

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