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i2e Platform Overview - Forecasting & Business Insights

Elevating Excel® as an Enterprise Solution

i2e by Scarsin is in a class by itself when it comes to supporting those organizations that have developed bespoke Excel models for their Strategic and Operational forecasting. i2e by Scarsin addresses all of the challenges that global or distributed teams face when it comes to:

  • Data management & integration
  • Enterprise forecasting
  • Insight reporting through PowerPoint reporting automation & self-service dashboards
  • Governance & collaboration

i2e by Scarsin runs hundreds of complex forecasting models for Fortune 1000 organizations that have streamlined and optimized their forecasting processes so they can spend more time generating insights. 

Learn how you too can gain a competitive edge with this platform, through better forecasting processes by downloading our Forecasting and Business Insights brochure today. 

Download this brochure today to learn why i2e by Scarsin is the leading Excel-based Forecasting & Insights platform.