Forecast Process Improvement

Forecast Process Improvement

Elevating Forecasting to an Enterprise Solution

In a typical organization, forecasting processes are intertwined with various functions, thus creating a dynamic ecosystem requiring a constant and multi-directional flow of information. 

The functional diagram below, provides one example of a Marketing and Brand Management ecosystem.There are, however, many different types of forecasting ecosystems depending on the type of organization you are in but they all function similarly - thus, i2e by Scarsin works for any forecasting ecosystem. 

You can see from the diagram below, that these forecasting processes are surrounded by Enterprise-class technology (reporting, supply chain, Finance…) but surprisingly, many of these processes still reside in Excel spreadsheets. This conventional offline Excel-based forecasting approach creates siloed practices, disrupting the flow of information across functions and introducing insurmountable challenges to strategic insight sharing.

Marketing and Brand Management Ecosystem Diagram (Sample):

FPI Diagram

Elevating Forecasting to an Enterprise solution through Forecasting Process Improvement has emerged as a  key priority for executive teams to be able to leverage accurate and timely business insights in support of strategic business decisions.