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Elevating Excel® as an Enterprise Solution

Dynamic Enterprise Forecasting

The Challenges of Excel-based Forecasting in Global Organizations

Enterprise solutions have been implemented in many functional areas of the organization to improve productivity and enable better decision making.  A good example would be Finance teams implementing Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solutions to improve P&L consolidations and reporting to the Executive team. 

Some teams have, however, been left behind by this technology revolution and are still using Excel on their desktops on network drives to perform mission-critical deliverables to the organization. These forecasts (that support Strategic Planning, Operational Planning, New Product Planning…) are often very sophisticated and require frequent change management to adapt to market changes. Working in the Dynamic Enterprise Forecasting space, these Forecasters love the flexibility and control they maintain with Excel, but need to join the 21st century with their peers and experience enterprise-class speed, agility and collaboration.

This white paper defines the challenges that Forecasters in the Dynamic Enterprise Forecasting space continue to face and how to overcome those challenges.

  • Why Excel is the Imperfect Perfect Solution
  • Making Excel the Perfect Perfect Solution

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