Dynamic Enterprise Forecasting

Forecasters in the Dynamic Enterprise Forecasting space use Excel for their complex forecasting models. However, there are many challenges managing those models in a global organization.

i2e by Scarsin brings those Forecasters into the 21st century with an enterprise-class solution built around Excel. This allows teams to connect globally in a centralized and collaborative platform.


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Scarsin Leverages R Server to Bolster Forecast Process Improvement with i2e Release 9

Forecasting is a transformative initiative in every company at every level

The future impact of executive decision making is informed by best practice Forecasting. Forecasting Process Improvement to best practices, drives business results - this is why Forecasting has a seat at the table. 

The challenge is that most companies don’t know where to begin when it comes to achieving Best Practices in Forecasting, that’s where we come in…

If you are having trouble answering these 3 simple questions then continue reading:

  1. How well do you understand your business risks and opportunities?

  2. How quick and accurate are your forecasting processes?

  3. What is driving forecast variance in your organization. Opportunity or Threat?

Forecasting Process Improvement (FPI) –  A new era in Forecasting has arrived!

Forecasting Process Improvement (FPI) as an emerging priority in accelerating business results.

Senior executives constantly make critical business decisions that commit significant resources and investments based on forecasts. It is not uncommon in large organizations that forecasts are created and managed in a disconnected and isolated manner. Critical business information such as forecast scenarios and assumptions are stored in offline Excel workbooks, out of reach from senior executive decision making.

This approach can seriously compromise the business results of senior executives’ decisions. Forecast Process Improvement (FPI) is a common boardroom topic as executives strive to improve their decision making on a global basis.

Explore the benefits of FPI by clicking on each of the elements in the diagram on the right to uncover more...

Decision Maker Insights Improved Productivity Increased Accuracy Managed Risk Improved Diagnostics Aligned Collaboration Improved Process Control

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Forecast Process Improvement + Best Practice Frameworks

Deep industry knowledge is the foundation of i2e by Scarsin – a pervasive Forecasting platform that delivers a revolutionary benefit – visibility into what lies beneath the surface of your business’s performance.

  • Insight into drivers of Forecasting variance
  • Actionable understanding of business risk and opportunity
  • Sophisticated tools to maximize forecast accuracy
  • Improved Forecasting efficiency
  • Proprietary Software, Best Practice Frameworks, Delivery Excellence

Forecast and best practice

FPI is an Organizational Opportunity

There is often an entire ecosystem of integrated forecasting processes in an organization. This may not be clear to stakeholders as they typically “own” only one or two of the processes.

As one steps back and takes a broader approach to organizational processes, it becomes clear that Forecasting is integrated across the entire organization.

Forecasting should also be added as an organizational priority in the same way that data and reporting are defined as key organizational competencies.

The Value of FPI

FPI for all types of organizations is a reality with i2e by Scarsin. Hover over the sections to see how our clients benefit using i2e.

Strategic Long Range Planning (LRP)

Strategic Long Range Planning (LRP)

Client moved from decentralized to centralized Global LRP Forecasting solution using the i2e platform for:

  • 10 Business Units with 20+ Marketed Brands
  • Forecasters managing over $20 Billion in Global revenues
  • Better collaboration among 30+ Countries
  • Simple Scenario analysis
  • Monte Carlo Risk Analysis
  • Support of a 15-year forecast horizon
  • Better organizational decisions (R&D investment, Marketing spend...)

Operational Planning

Operational Planning

Client used i2e as their enterprise platform for Operational Planning to support Regional Business Unit (RBU) Forecasters with responsibilities for:

  • 7 Business Units with 12+ Marketed Brands
  • Team managing ~$5 Billion in revenues for the RBU
  • Submitting Business Plan + 4 Latest Estimate (LE) refreshes per year
  • Delivering Robust unified Dashboard Reporting to 150+ stakeholders
  • Unifying monthly data with forecasting variances

New Product Planning

New Product Planning

Client enhanced global collaboration and streamlined forecasting processes for early and late stage New Product Planning with i2e to support:

  • Template-driven models capable of rapid deployment
  • Significant reductions in development and QA time
  • Improvements in collaboration between Global & Regional Leads
  • Increased use of Monte Carlo Risk Analysis by Forecasters
  • Decreased forecast cycle time allowing for more analysis by Portfolio Management
  • Advanced Scenario support capabilities

Demand Planning

Demand Planning

Client leveraged i2e to support Demand Planning in a global organization managing over 10,000 SKU’s with the following benefits:

  • Advanced use of R algorithms to improve forecast accuracy
  • Expanded workflows based on leveraging Excel embedded in i2e
  • Stronger collaboration and consensus process among key stakeholders
  • Dynamic Change Management incorporating new team ideas
  • Integration with other Supply Chain planning processes


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Change is Overdue

Discover the power of forecasting.

With i2e
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Forecasting has lagged behind other aspects of business analytics for years.

Data management and reporting solutions have made great strides to meet the challenges of modern business demands, delivering rich, interactive web and mobile views of cloud-based information. It is time to move forecasters away from PC's and spreadsheets to an enterprise-class platform that delivers critical business insights to senior decision makers in some of the largest global enterprises.

Discover how i2e Elevates Excel® to an Enterprise Solution

i2e delivers Forecasting Insights by supporting current and future business investment decisions.

Leveraging Excel, teams can now connect globally in a centralized and collaborative platform.


Elevating Excel as an Enterprise Solution

Dynamic Enterprise Forecasting

This white paper dives into the issues faced by Forecasters who rely on Excel-based models for their forecasting processes and the solutions that an Excel-based enterprise platform can provide. Written by Paul Minshull, Founder & CEO at Scarsin, a sought-after thought leader and industry expert who has been in the trenches and experienced first hand why Excel is the Imperfect Perfect solution. He decided that there had to be a better way to leverage and elevate Excel within the enterprise for those Forecasters who work in the Dynamic Enterprise Forecasting space.

Like any driven problem solver, Paul has been instrumental in creating an enterprise-class platform that allows Forecasters to join the 21st century with the i2e Forecasting & Insights Platform. Forecasters can continue to work with Excel, the tool they know and love, but with built-in process efficiencies—making Excel the Perfect Perfect solution.

Scarsin and ZS Partnership

Scarsin has partnered with ZS to offer both Scarsin and ZS clients enterprise-class Forecasting and Insights software. Learn more about how Scarsin’s i2e software and ZS’s consulting and software expertise in the pharmaceutical sector can help bring best of class forecasting software and services to customers around the globe.

Know your Next Move is the Right One with i2e

If you're using Excel for your Forecasting processes, you don't wan't to miss this in-depth webinar!

From Data Integration to Designing & Deploying complex Excel-based Models… Register to watch an Overview of the i2e Forecasting & Insights Platform today and discover how i2e helps Forecasters around the globe generate critical insights quickly and with more accuracy, revealing the answers to critical business questions.

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Collaborative Forecasting Driving Decision Analytics

Finally, a platform purpose-built with the Forecaster in Mind!

Can you imagine working in a collaborative environment that is built around Excel but has all the efficiencies of an enterprise-class platform?

Download our brochure and you'll discover that reality in i2e.

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Microsoft® Office is the information delivery tool of choice. Why learn new ones? We've integrated Excel®, PowerPoint® and Word® into all critical i2e processes for ease-of-use.

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Know your next move is the right one. Variance driven insights reveal important business realities to base key business decisions on.

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