Understanding the impact of disruptive market forces and trends is key to assessing opportunities and countering threats. Global pharma organizations require insight into business critical data, whether it's the effect of a competitive product on market share or the impact of a new media campaign on share of voice in a region.

Pharma Case Study

Global pharmaceutical company relies on i2e as its forecasting platform of choice.



In order to ensure financial sustainability and better alignment of strategic objectives with financial resources and policy decisions, a centralized approach to long term financial planning and forecasting is required.

Municipal Case Study

i2e enables large Canadian municipality to better align strategic objectives, financial resources and policy decisions.



Telecommunication providers are challenged with proactively restructuring and implementing cost cutting measures in order to streamline processes, reduce redundancies and control costs. Senior executives are looking beyond real-time reactive decisions to introducing new processes that will result in a more agile and sustainable organization.

Telecom Case Study

Telecommunication providers have moved from a product-centric to a customer-centric approach and the need for better customer service and enhanced insights into customer behavior is critical.

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New drugs and treatment regimens are being introduced at an accelerated pace. Benefit providers need to consider alternative scenarios to manage the complexity of balancing rates for companies and individuals while maintaining profitability

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Whether working in supply chain, manufacturing or finance roles, strategic decision makers in industries as diverse as automotive to energy require variance-driven insights about their business.

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