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Elevating Excel® as an Enterprise Solution

Dynamic Enterprise Forecasting

Most large organizations have a department of Forecasters who perform Strategic Long Range and Operational Forecasting using Excel-based models, due to the complexity and fluidity of their model requirements. Scarsin defines the space these Forecasters work in as the ‘Dynamic Enterprise Forecasting’ space.

This white paper defines the challenges that Forecasters in the Dynamic Enterprise Forecasting space face and describes how the i2e Forecasting and Insights Platform provides an enterprise solution that addresses these challenges.

If any of the following challenges are making your forecasting processes cumbersome, then this white paper is a must read:

  • Manual Data Updates
  • Limited Scenario Support
  • Poor Collaboration
  • Slow Consolidations
  • Manual Reporting
  • Limited Change Management
  • Dependent Decision Makers

Discover why the i2e Forecasting & Insights platform leaves no Forecaster behind by downloading this white paper today!