Forecast Process Improvement:

Improved Diagnostics

Improved Diagnostics Aligned Collaboration Improved Productivity Increased Accuracy Managed Risk Improved Process Control

Decision Maker Insights

“Insights” is such an overused term especially since Analytics has become such a common organizational competency. We should not, however, let this overuse cloud our judgement on the value of Insights to the organization.

Improved Decision making in the organization is a key goal for all Analytics processes. Forecasting has, however, lagged behind other competencies in terms of Process Improvement. This is why FPI is now a topical discussion in boardrooms around the world. Improving the overall efficiency of Forecasting teams and then facilitating increased business results is the reason why so many teams are embarking on an FPI journey. As we have explained herein, there are many interconnected elements to Forecasting but the solution can be simpler than the obstacles.

Leveraging an enabling technology that is designed around forecasting processes can drive immediate gains for the organization. But this must be partnered with best practice processes in order to achieve full ROI. This will require teams to approach FPI with an open-mind in order to implement change management at multiple levels within the organization.

i2e by Scarsin was purpose built to accelerate FPI in large organizations with over a decade in development with Forecasting teams globally. Furthermore, Scarsin and i2e Professional Services partners can provide guidance and support for best practices, customized to each client situation. If you are interested in implementing FPI in your organization, please contact Scarsin for more information on how we can help your journey reach its desired destination.